Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Before Midnight - Written Review

Being a huge fan of 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset', both in my top 25 of all time, of course I was hyped for 'Midnight'. It was rumored as the final film of the series, which really makes me sad, I love the cheese (hehe) out of these characters, two extremely funny and charismatic characters that of course have their problems with each other, but they are two emotionally investing people who get in very realistic situations about relationships.

'Before Midnight' is not only the most raw and emotionally investing of the trilogy, but it also showcases just as much realistic relationship ups/downs as the others. This film is basically an exploration between Jesse and Celine having their problems kind of exploring one main prolem, and Richard Linklater reprises such a realistic feeling of relationships, even if I haven't really experienced anything like it explores, but it is so realistic and when I get older I could see something like how this turns out happen.

The chemistry between the two leads is even better than the others, showcasing a couple so well, each delivering off of each other so painfully realistically and emotionally, making the couple's problems so realistically as I've said so much, but the realistic depiction is the best thing about this trilogy.

The writing is soooooo good here, expecially towards the last 35 minutes, the last 35 minutes is what makes this film so painful, not in a bad way, but something kind of sad happens and you feel so bad with what is going on, just like the first two, Linklater knows how to direct a relationship.

From the tense screenplay and direction, to the painfully realistic chemistry, 'Before Midnight' ends the trilogy so well, making it my favorite film of 2013 and the only 2013 film so far this year to crack my top 50 of all time, in my eyes all three are pitch perfect films, I also think neither of the three have any problems.

Final Grade= A

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mud Written Review

Wow, this film blew my mind in every way possible. Mud not only showcases something mattering, but it is a film that should be experienced by everyone, it has McConaughey's best peformance in his whole career, with kids that have alot of potential.
McConaughey is riveting, he is dramatic yet honestly refreshing and mindblowing. He is provided a powerful script and great actors to work with, you feel bad for what he is going through and he delivers his lines of dialogue perfectly, he knows what he wants. He is perfect here.

The two kids here who basically meet Mud and notice him, are the Q. Wallis' of boys this year, even if this won't happen, just like McConaughey, they deserve an Oscar nomination. Expecially the kid who always said "Shit" and sweared like that, the kids play their characters as likable kids.

The screenplay for the film was fantastic, also worthy of an Oscar nom. It balances everything from characters, siulations and drama very well. Alot of people said some parts of dialogue were dull and it was slow at times, I can understand that, even if I don't agree, I was never bored, matter-a-fact, I was never bored; not once. I was entertained with everything going on.

Nicholas does a fantastic job directing, the same thing with the screenplay, he knows what he wants to do with the film and he does it perfectly, he balanced everything professionally. He used a unique style with cinematography and the lines of dialogue. Everything here, is something I've honestly never seen.
The story for the film is absolutely heartbreaking yet realistic at spots, it has messages that deliver that really matter and they made me think about my life. You feel awful for these characters and what they are going through.

The characters are not only inspiring, but they are likable and very memorable. Like I said, you cared about every second. The actors also bring charm to all the characters, they play these characters very well and also bring charm!!! I actually gave a shit about these people, which honestly, this year and movies haven't had all that much.

For flaws: nothing, nothing, nothing no flaws. Mud is a perfect film in my eyes, absolutely adored this film, very much.Overall, Mud has not one flaw, just overall a fantastic film. WIth beautiful direction, cinematography, acting and music. Everything about it is just fantastic.

Final Grade: 5/5

Fast & Furious 6 Written Review

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, but I am back with my written review of Fast & Furious 6!

Fast & Furious 6 is an extremely entertaining and fast paced sequel. It's not a dumb run of the mill action flick, it's a very well done film with awesome cars and set peices that come on screen. All of the actors do very well on screen w/ their stunts and everything they were supposed to do, even some things they did seemed impossible. Expecially Vin Diesel, he has a very hard seen in the middle of the film with Michelle Rodriguez that looked just painfull, just like that everyone had atleast 1 hard stunt. Other than stunts, the actors/actresses did a good job with their on screen chemistry with one another, and did a great job overall.

The films cinematography for the stunts and it's car chases and everything is very well done, although I think some of the car chases were host weirdly, most of them were shot fantastically. It also adds a vibe to the film's structure and content it delivers on, the cars and everything, and makes it more intergetic.

The only two people I had problems with... suprise suprise but Rodriguez and Gina Moreno, they honestly felt misplaced for me and I couldn't get into their characters or anything involving them, and sorry but I didn't even think Moreno was eyecandy either. The Rock did a fantastic job too, like his other 3 films this year, he was the best thing about them, and even if I can't say the same I thought he was great. Walker was great also, delivering a charismatic and emotional peformance. Of course I gotta mention Diesel and I thought he did a very good job with the stuff provided.

For flaws, like I said the two lead actresses felt contrived for me. The film has some very annoying lines from Gibson, and has some overally repetitive scenes, and I thought the film dragged a bit in spots towards the beginning. But overall, this film was kick-ass popcorn entertainment, turn your brain off and enjoy it. Also imo almost as good as Fast Five!

Final Grade: 4/5

Friday, April 19, 2013

42 Written Review

42 is of course the film about inspiring baseball star Jackie Robinson here played by Chadwick Boseman and the film follows him on a course of playing different teams and dealing with all the criticism for being a black man in white baseball.

Now expectations wise, I was really looking foward to this film, I don't LOVE sports films, although I thought "Moneyball" was a perfect film, I just don't love them. But still I was really really impressed by the trailers. Everyone from it's Oscar winning writer/director to it's great cast including Boseman and Ford.

42 perfectly amounces it's portraying of the legendary Robinson. Boseman helps that too, delivering both a sad and believable peformance. He shows effection and you honestly don't want him to crack. He does very well as Robinson. Ford is also great, he didn't do as much as I thought he would, although he still did a great job. Everyone else was also good, the lady who played his wife was great too even if she did barely anything.

The script has flaws, but for the most part it was solid. Some plot wholes done in the script I thought could have been done without. But it does balance everything solidly. The script has some very well done humor, all I'm gonna say: Shower, just hysterical. It's cinematography is also great, from Robinson and the others sliding and going to bases was very well shot.

Overall, great peformances, direction, and cinematography also a great score, I got exactly what I wanted, raw emotion and a very well potrayed time period. I honestly started tearing up.

Final Grade: 4/5

Oblivion Written Review

Before we start this review I wanted to say through out this weekend or even tonight, I'll have written reviews for 42 and Trance after this. So stay tuned. Anyways Oblivion is the director of Tron Legacy's newest film and it stars Tom Cruise, Ogla Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman and others. The film follows Jack (Tom Cruise)who is a man on earth which had been destroyed in an alien vs human war, even if the humans won during the war Earth was destroyed so everyone left. But when Cruise is captured and told the truth, he wants to leave Earth and get where everyone else who was on Earth.

Oblivion is visually stunning and very well acted by Cruise, but it honestly could have been better, still an awesome experiance and solid film, just could have been better. It's biggest problem is on it's pacing, script side. It has a very unbelievable script that is full of lines that could have been deleted. Everything romance wise in the film too, just very uneeded. It also has weak pacing, it's a little over 2 hours and feels longer.

Both Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman are great, both try and deliver. You feel for them too, they also have believable chemistry together. Everyone else was fine, but really Freeman and Cruise were the only ones that delivered something special. Kurylenko honestly annoyed me so so so much. She is just not a likeable actress in my opinion, and she wasn't believable.

One romance aspect moves it kind of without spoiling, but the whole "marriage" thing was totally forced and could have been left out. Overall, Oblivion has a great spectacle, an awesome peformance from Cruise and Freeman and some solid effects. I really liked it although, I wanted more.

Final Grade: 3.5/5