Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Before Midnight - Written Review

Being a huge fan of 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset', both in my top 25 of all time, of course I was hyped for 'Midnight'. It was rumored as the final film of the series, which really makes me sad, I love the cheese (hehe) out of these characters, two extremely funny and charismatic characters that of course have their problems with each other, but they are two emotionally investing people who get in very realistic situations about relationships.

'Before Midnight' is not only the most raw and emotionally investing of the trilogy, but it also showcases just as much realistic relationship ups/downs as the others. This film is basically an exploration between Jesse and Celine having their problems kind of exploring one main prolem, and Richard Linklater reprises such a realistic feeling of relationships, even if I haven't really experienced anything like it explores, but it is so realistic and when I get older I could see something like how this turns out happen.

The chemistry between the two leads is even better than the others, showcasing a couple so well, each delivering off of each other so painfully realistically and emotionally, making the couple's problems so realistically as I've said so much, but the realistic depiction is the best thing about this trilogy.

The writing is soooooo good here, expecially towards the last 35 minutes, the last 35 minutes is what makes this film so painful, not in a bad way, but something kind of sad happens and you feel so bad with what is going on, just like the first two, Linklater knows how to direct a relationship.

From the tense screenplay and direction, to the painfully realistic chemistry, 'Before Midnight' ends the trilogy so well, making it my favorite film of 2013 and the only 2013 film so far this year to crack my top 50 of all time, in my eyes all three are pitch perfect films, I also think neither of the three have any problems.

Final Grade= A