Monday, March 4, 2013

Room 237 Written Review (Early)

A man named "Rodney Ascher" decided to basically do a documentary on ideas/theories on the Stanely Kubrick's masterpeice "The Shining". I saw it just before I got to see this. And I love him for that, even if this isn't a great film.

The theories they show I honestly agreed w/ not all. But most are reasonable and very, well. The way these people have or think on theories is so cool. How they show and explain what they think is very passionate. You really belive most and how they show what they did was very well done. Tom Cruise appears in the first scene which which really suprised me. Anyways everything that you see here suprised me cause of how different each are.

So like I said most of the theories are explained and well thought. But they are alot of suprising people who come on which really got me excited. Even Nicole Kidman appeared. But everyone did good. I knew I would see different actors/actresses but not as many good people as I saw. How the films made also impressed me. How it was structured and belt.

So, is it anywhere near being as good as the Shining. Fucking hell no. But it kept my interest seeing everyones cool at least descent theories and people appear. I found my self entertained. And I would usually judge scripts, acting, direction, score, cinematography. But I still explained what I wanted too.

Grade: B-