Friday, February 15, 2013

Escape From Planet Earth Written Review

Every once in a while there's a animated film every one thinks looks stupid but I think it looks good. This is one of them. Just like last years for me was Ice Age 4 which ended up being god awful. But Escape From Planet Earth not only looked cool. But it looked like they took the Planet 51 premise and changed it when still making it better. I was a hater for Planet 51, just painful. And thankfully, Escape From Planet Earth is solid fun.

It's the type of animated film that does have some potty humor but it's all made better cause it's consistently cool tone and great voice cast. It's potty humor doesn't work I would say 30% of the time the potty humor works. But it still didn't effect the film much for me.

It's voice cast as I mentioned is pretty good. Besides Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker it's pretty good. Wait, Sofia Vergara is in it. She is underrated. Alba can be attractive but in this role and how she acts takes it all away. Brendan Fraser is damn good here. He has heart and his character is memorable. All the characters are pretty memorable and likeable.

It's script like I said can get a bit too cliche and have some forced humor. Is strong for the most part. I found my self laughing consistently through out. Which is what I wanted from this.

The animation is great. It's Disney animation tbh. It's depiction of an Alien planet is so well done. They do it pretty good considering how Planet 51 did it. Even if Planet 51 mostly took place on Earth which this movie is about Aliens trying to get off Planet Earth just like Planet 51. This has memorable characters and great animation unlike Planet 51. It also has a better voice cast.

It's direction from Cal Brunker can get a little off key and try to change but doesn't work. And it can get a bit too predictable. But he did ok for the most part. I did expect what happend to happen though. He did great with the animation and suprisingly the suspense.

Final Grade- B

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard Written Review

These are the old school action films I enjoy. So that will make my interest if I see a film like this one that has some to offer for old school action fans. A Good Day to Die Hard does deliver sometimes.

It's very fun to be honest. It has the thick and entertaining action that had my enjoyment tested. I was wondering through out if I liked it or not. At first I hated it, but by the end I enjoyed it. It's self aware and knows it's not the other Die Hard films (Which I have not seen) it is dumb, ridiculous and sometimes stupid. but it knows that. It's kind of like The Last Stand and Bullet to the Head, they're all stupid but they're fun.

It does have flaws. It's cinematography is really damn bad. But if you think about it, they have some really hard shots to film for sure towards the end. So I can't blame them. But they do have scenes of just John (Bruce Willis) sitting talking to someone and it's shaking and moving which pissed me off. 

It's script is also bad. It tries to accomplish what is does, and also some other things but doesn't. There's alot of scenes that this movie thought it was funny in but wasn't at all."Do you wanna hug?" "Were not the hugging family" "Your damn right" see!

It's direction is very lazy. It was very inconsistent on delivering fun action. The beginning 30-45 minutes are forced as fuck. The car chase, daughter, ect. That whole part effected it alot.

The chemistry is pretty solid. Bruce Willis and idk who the guy who played his son was but they had desent chemistry. But there was scenes of them trying to pull of family moments but didn't.

It's action entertained me, so did it's chemistry. And Bruce delivered a solid peformance. if you take away a' billions of flaws, A Good Day to Die Hard aka Die Hard 5 is enjoyable.

Final Grade- C+

I'm going C+ cause me and my dad had fun watching the movie but honestly the first 30 minutes of obnoxious behavior and ridiculous action and the unforgivable cinematography. But I'm saying in fun standpoints it would get a B but as a movie in standpoints of film making it would get C+. I enjoyed some of it but some of it sucked.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Community Season 4 Ep.1 (History 101) Review

Community Season 4 Episode 1 History 101 is of course the 4th season beginning that will have 13 episodes. My friend intruduced me to this show. We had a party and watched a few episodes. And I simpily became addicted. I love this show and I've been watching ever sence. And from a fan, who couldn't wait for it to begin again. This episode was very disappointing. It does have some laughs from it's casts chemistry. But most of it is things from another episode basically switched around. Now as you can see alone from the picture I used. It's kind of a spoof of "The Hunger Games" except in the real episode it's different. It's a very weird way to start out.

Of course if your a fan of the show you know that everyone from Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong and Chevy Chase all have fantastic chemistry. If they were friends in real life is how they feel all together. Everyone here made all the laughs happen, for me all the jokes were forced and the only reason I laughed was cause of how they were delivered. They had all been at least editied from another episode. Cause it might just be me but I actually think some jokes have been in another episode. They're were aspects to like. But from a HUGE Community fan this History 101 episode was disappointing. It had solid chemistry and some clever stuff, just not done well imo.

I wanna go into some spoilers. I don't usually like to but I have to for some reason. It makes me feel better. RED ink will be spoilers.

So towards the beginning. Jeff wants to graduate early so he participates in the Hunger Deans. There's an old man he punches right in the face and a girl who has glasses and he takes her glasses. it was kind of rude but imo funny. Also the first scene two of the main characters walk in and one tries to look Hipster so he puts on glasses and a lady walks in and he says Take them off. That's the cliche humor. Also two of the main characters are in a foutain and wishing wishes and they start a fight; generic.

So I hope the next episode Paranormal Parentage will have more chances cause it's not preasure filled. Community fans; I really really really really really really really really really really really really really want the next episode to be better!

FYI: I like to rate TV shows like say out of 10 an 8.3 or 6.7 or 4.2 or something My Grade is...

TV Episode Grade- 5.9/10

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Trailer Reviews

Each year, movie geeks watch the super bowl, like me; just to watch new movie trailers. For me, that's the only thing I watch the Super Bowls for. Today, I'll be reviewing some trailers that premiered during Super Bowl, the trailers; Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fast and Furious 6. Oz: The Great and Powerful, The Lone Ranger.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is the third Iron Man film. Of course. Anyways I knew they would make a third one it's no suprise. It's Iron Man. Robert Downey JR is like the owner of Iron Man. I wouldn't see a fourth one without him. But I was super hyped for a trailer and I got one and loved it. The new tv spot/trailer on the super bowl is just plain cool. You get kind of a feel where you want to know what happend. If you haven't watched the full one yet watch it. It's score you get to see in it's trailer is awesome. It fits the trailer perfectly. It's action and look of everything is cool. You get one action scene of RDJ aka Iron Man with some others in a plain and it has something happen to it and you see him saving people, cool. You get some old some new. Overall, from a standpoint of a superhero trailer/TV spot. I can't wait for this, it'll be epic.

Trailer Grade- 9.5/10
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Star Trek: Into Darkness is the newest Star Trek film titled Star Trek: Into Darkness. Now I haven't seen any of the Star Trek movies. I'll SEE THE 2009 film before this one. But still I was ecited to see a trailer for this. It's cast and JJ Abrams. That sold me from the start. Anyways, of what I've heard the films have fantastic visuals. I loved the hell out of this trailer. It looks awesome. You get some great, don, don, don kind of feel. With it's incredible visuals. Chris Pine who is probably one of the most underrated actors today, he's awesome (I enjoyed This Means War) anyways I think everything here looks epic. Can't wait. Most anticipated WIDE RELEASED film of 2013. NOT OF ALL FILMS!

Trailer Grade- 10/10
Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6 is the 6th installment in the Fast and Furious trilogy. Which the only one I've personally really liked it Fast Five. I also saw Tokyo Drift and the first one. I thought the first one was solid and pretty fun. But Tokyo Drift was just dull imo. But I love the cars, actors and alot of things that appear in the franchise. Mostly the cars. You have a mix of hot chicks, cars and awesome chases. That's what I like watching. I was actually really pumped for a trailer. Finally got it and I was really satisfyed. I got everything wanted, mindblowing action, cool cars, glances of cast and stmosphere. The cars, action and alot of things look cool. For sure in the top 10 most anticipated of 2013.

Trailer Grade- 9/10
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger is the newest western film starring Johnny Depp and Army Hammer. Now before the trailers came out I was curious, really wanted to see something. I love Westerns. They're weird but cool. So we got 2 or 3 trailers and this. I really had fun watching it. The makeup/design and slt were really great. Interesting visuals, great cast and cool looking action scenes take it over. I had fun watching the trailer so yah I'm pumped. Looks pretty fun.
Trailer Grade- 8/10
Oz: The Great and Powerful

Now, when I heard they were making a new "Oz" film I was pissed the fuck off. Really? make a prequel type thing for a classic film that everyone loves. The cast was released I got a bit more curious. Still mad. And just the idea of it made me mad. I liked how they delt with the old first one. One of the best films ever made imo. I do admire the style/look/time period of it but I honestly lost interest once the trailer released. Theres kiddy jokes every where, w/ cgi animals and stuff that don't sound cool. Everyone is wasted with cliche gags and humor. James Franco as Oz will probably be good. So will everyone but I will take this out of my 20 most anticipated films of the year list. It has a chance of being ok. But for now it just looks mediocre. Great cgi feeling. But too much kitty and toliet humor.
Trailer Grade- 5.5/10

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Warm Bodies Written Review

Every once in a while there are films that take on old trilogies, this is lik Twilight. Except if you think about it; different kind of story. Here, they took the Twilight universe and switched it all around. They replaced awful actors and directors (imo none of the three Twilight stars have had good movies lately. Wasn't a fan of Abduction, Snow White and the Huntsman or Cosmopolis) But they had zombies instead of the typical were-wolfs and vampires. They also add other genres that mix in together way better than Twilight does. You have romance, comedy, drama and even action here.

Warm Bodies is a film i was actually really anticipating. It had some strong trailers and I heard the director was great. So that got me even more excited. It had a feel and look to it that had me going wow. In that expression cause was cause of the make-up and design, also it looked nothing like Twilight.

It does drag alot (35-40%) and have some pretty underdeveloped charactes, and the blend of genres don't ALWAYS work. But it has humor, romance and action that saves it. It's romance pretty much held it down the most. They're are some sweet moments but other than that the romance held it down. It goes over the top in blood and action that doesn't fully mach up or colide into anything it could have. It's strong geared trigger with some very polited humor that had me laughing. But also had me confused. I didn't know what it wanted to be. What is it, a comedy, action, horror or romance. It's a drama/romance.

It does come off as a horror film at times but really really doesn't work. Like I said the tone was to inconsistent to fully mix and blend all the genre's it want's too. It does go well in together. Just not in an interesting way.

It's runtime honestly mislead me. It had alot of fun moments. With blendy horror/action scenes that had me entertained. But also the first 30 minutes were just too dull. It's first act if just porrly written. Then it started to pick up a bit. But when R is holding Julie (She thinks he's keeping her safe) thoose scenes where there just on the plane were kind of boring. And ik it's a romance film but the romance bogged it down the most.

It's peformances are pretty great. Hoult as R is pretty good. He feels emotional and understanding. You want him to start dating Julie. Which is very predictable (thats all I'll say). I think I'm the only one who thought Palmer (Julie) was fucking annoying. I mean R saves her from dieing and she is acting like a bitch. She might be scared but what?

It's script is also strong. It had me entertained (For half the time) not just laughing and with drama but with heart and really fun action. For the most part the script is consistent. The cinematography honeslty bothered me. It felt contrived and jarring. It didn't work. You get some really weird and pointless camera angles. Also when R and Julie are running it's in a weird angle.

Overall, Warm Bodies does drag awfully alot, with predictabilty, romance and drama. But it's saved by it's working direction, acting, and script. I had fun with Warm Bodies. I just think it's overrated and disappointing.

Final Grade- B