Friday, February 15, 2013

Escape From Planet Earth Written Review

Every once in a while there's a animated film every one thinks looks stupid but I think it looks good. This is one of them. Just like last years for me was Ice Age 4 which ended up being god awful. But Escape From Planet Earth not only looked cool. But it looked like they took the Planet 51 premise and changed it when still making it better. I was a hater for Planet 51, just painful. And thankfully, Escape From Planet Earth is solid fun.

It's the type of animated film that does have some potty humor but it's all made better cause it's consistently cool tone and great voice cast. It's potty humor doesn't work I would say 30% of the time the potty humor works. But it still didn't effect the film much for me.

It's voice cast as I mentioned is pretty good. Besides Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker it's pretty good. Wait, Sofia Vergara is in it. She is underrated. Alba can be attractive but in this role and how she acts takes it all away. Brendan Fraser is damn good here. He has heart and his character is memorable. All the characters are pretty memorable and likeable.

It's script like I said can get a bit too cliche and have some forced humor. Is strong for the most part. I found my self laughing consistently through out. Which is what I wanted from this.

The animation is great. It's Disney animation tbh. It's depiction of an Alien planet is so well done. They do it pretty good considering how Planet 51 did it. Even if Planet 51 mostly took place on Earth which this movie is about Aliens trying to get off Planet Earth just like Planet 51. This has memorable characters and great animation unlike Planet 51. It also has a better voice cast.

It's direction from Cal Brunker can get a little off key and try to change but doesn't work. And it can get a bit too predictable. But he did ok for the most part. I did expect what happend to happen though. He did great with the animation and suprisingly the suspense.

Final Grade- B

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