Saturday, February 2, 2013

Warm Bodies Written Review

Every once in a while there are films that take on old trilogies, this is lik Twilight. Except if you think about it; different kind of story. Here, they took the Twilight universe and switched it all around. They replaced awful actors and directors (imo none of the three Twilight stars have had good movies lately. Wasn't a fan of Abduction, Snow White and the Huntsman or Cosmopolis) But they had zombies instead of the typical were-wolfs and vampires. They also add other genres that mix in together way better than Twilight does. You have romance, comedy, drama and even action here.

Warm Bodies is a film i was actually really anticipating. It had some strong trailers and I heard the director was great. So that got me even more excited. It had a feel and look to it that had me going wow. In that expression cause was cause of the make-up and design, also it looked nothing like Twilight.

It does drag alot (35-40%) and have some pretty underdeveloped charactes, and the blend of genres don't ALWAYS work. But it has humor, romance and action that saves it. It's romance pretty much held it down the most. They're are some sweet moments but other than that the romance held it down. It goes over the top in blood and action that doesn't fully mach up or colide into anything it could have. It's strong geared trigger with some very polited humor that had me laughing. But also had me confused. I didn't know what it wanted to be. What is it, a comedy, action, horror or romance. It's a drama/romance.

It does come off as a horror film at times but really really doesn't work. Like I said the tone was to inconsistent to fully mix and blend all the genre's it want's too. It does go well in together. Just not in an interesting way.

It's runtime honestly mislead me. It had alot of fun moments. With blendy horror/action scenes that had me entertained. But also the first 30 minutes were just too dull. It's first act if just porrly written. Then it started to pick up a bit. But when R is holding Julie (She thinks he's keeping her safe) thoose scenes where there just on the plane were kind of boring. And ik it's a romance film but the romance bogged it down the most.

It's peformances are pretty great. Hoult as R is pretty good. He feels emotional and understanding. You want him to start dating Julie. Which is very predictable (thats all I'll say). I think I'm the only one who thought Palmer (Julie) was fucking annoying. I mean R saves her from dieing and she is acting like a bitch. She might be scared but what?

It's script is also strong. It had me entertained (For half the time) not just laughing and with drama but with heart and really fun action. For the most part the script is consistent. The cinematography honeslty bothered me. It felt contrived and jarring. It didn't work. You get some really weird and pointless camera angles. Also when R and Julie are running it's in a weird angle.

Overall, Warm Bodies does drag awfully alot, with predictabilty, romance and drama. But it's saved by it's working direction, acting, and script. I had fun with Warm Bodies. I just think it's overrated and disappointing.

Final Grade- B

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