Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun Size Written Review

Before we start the regular thing I do on Sunday's I've got to tell one thing. In school starting tomorrow I will have a huge 2 month project that I will start, so I probablly won't have time to do written reviews for that amount of time. But I will try my best to get written reviews out. Cause my goal in life is to be a writer. I love to write if you didn't know that, but I will do written reviews as much as I have time to do them, but this weekend I had a chance to see the new tween & teen comedy Fun Size.

Fun Size stars Victoria Justice, Thomas Man, Jane Levy, Chelsea Handler and it follows Wren, a teen who want's to go to college, but on Halloween Wren and her best friend April (Jane Levy) get invited to a popular guy's Halloween party but meanwhile she get's stuck babysitting her little brother Albert by her mom (Chelsea Handler)
Now I wasn't looking foward to Fun Size at all. Before they released a trailer for it I thought it could be fun but then the trailer released and it looked like shit. So I watched an interview by the cast to know how they felt filming. So I went in with very low expectations. But I'm glad to say since I went in with low expectations, I had fun with Fun Size.
Fun Size has a cliche plot and some really contrived scenes. But Fun Size is a self aware party movie unlike Project X that know's it isn't perfect. The best thing about this movie is the skript. The skript is clever, it has jokes that you can laugh at and don't think back and say "what did I just laugh at?" It does have it's dumb and cliche jokes.
Fun Size has desent acting around the board. Jane Levy was good, and cute! but the stand out is the kid who play's Albert. I can see people not liking him, but he know's how to act. The best thing about his character is that he never talks untill it say's The End there's a scene with him saying "My family think's I don't talk, but I've been pranking my mom for 6 months" and he just calls her in an Mexican voice and talks about his mom's (Chelsea Handler) boobs. It's a funny scene. I didn't like Victoria Justice in this movie at first because she played the exact same character as she does in Victorious. But when I walked out I said. I was so distrackted by that. But she is average.

The movie is also very predictable and you know where it's gonna go. It also has a good character balance where your not introduced to many characters. The thing I really liked is in the begining they are going to the characters to show you what costumes they were one by one. The one I enjoyed the most was Albert. But overall Fun Size has a good plot, likeable characters, a good skript and it's fun.

          Final Grade- B

but I will start those segmants when I have time. but I won't have any time to do written reviews for a few weeks. So... see ya in a few weeks

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favorite film of all-time

 The Perks of Being a Wallflower has a message I think you'll need in life to live or understand why you age in the fututer. It's messages about don't take life for grant or don't look back in the past if you have bad remembering. The characters are also relistic and relateable to everyone, you might think back at some stuff these characters did or thought back at. The thing's these characters do might also happen to you someday. The movie also potray's high school well cause it's almost how it is in real life excepct if you get in a fight like Charlie (Logan Lerman) did and break a guy's nose you would get expelled most likely. Also the movie has a sincere plot for coming of age people. But the reason why is cause I can relate to these characters except MINOR SPOILER AHEAD: the only thing I for sure can't relate to is how Charlie find's out towards the end his aunt raped him when He was a kid. NO MORE SPOIELRS. The movie has a real life stand point of view of what happens mostly in the movie. So it shows messages that I truly love. So that's why I think every single person in the world should see this if they haven't. I might go see it agian one day, Soon. So The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!, I improve this message!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Fall Film's of 2012 (This List Won't be Updated in Future)

This list won't be updated. This list will stay, I won't have time to change it. But these on 10/26/12 is my 5 favorite films fall 2012. This list is current as of 10/26/12. And won't be updated.

                   5: Argo

4: Seven Psychopaths
3: The Master

2: Looper
1: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Important Update / Earlier This Year #1

Hey guy's. Today I'm going to give y'all a very important update with some new segmant's and some updating. Also I give y'all a first edition of a new thing I'm going to do here called Earlier This Year which I will talk about in my update area.

First let's do the update with some new thing's coming-
  • New Segmant's: as you guy's should know I have had segmant's like Trailer Talk and Monthly Previews. Will the good news is that Trailer Talk will be coming new still. There will be a new edition of Trailer Talk on Tuesday's. But the "bad" new's Is I won't do anymore Monthly Previews. Like I'm reviewing Cloud Atlas on Sunday. I already did my November & December movies preview already but no more. So New Segmant's I'm doing. These are the new segmant's: Earlier This Year, and Robster Classics.
  • More paragraphs: In my reviews if you read them you might notice I don't do alot of paragraphs, so I will be doing 10-15 paragraphs now on
  • Less Time: If you don't which you probablly don't I'm in school now. So I will be busy as shit doing essay's, project, and my least favorite homework. So I will barley have any time. But I will still update on movies and more.
  • Something for a Change: On my YouTube I do one segmant called TV Time. So I'm gonna start doing it on here to. I'll still make them on my YouTube if you subscribe so stay tuned for new TV Time's on YouTube on Wednesday's and If id have time on those day's I'll do them on here on Thursday's that's if I have time.
Now let's start with the first edition of Earlier This Year #1
Now this segment will be where I review a movie from earlier this year. Now the first edition of this will be on a comedy I saw more than 2 times in theaters, and now like 10-15 times 21 JUMP STREET.But before we start I will do one long paragraph for this segment.

21 JUMP STREET follows Schmidt and Jenko, one is popular, one is not. They went to high school together. But 5 year's after senior year they end up working at the same police station. But after doing a worng arrest, they get sent to the division of 21 Jump Street and they go back to high school to try and bust a new drug ring. Now I wasn't really looking foward to 21 JUMP STREET it looked ok it had me laughing some by trailers but it also kind of looked cliche but I'm glad to say 21 JUMP STREET. 21 JUMP STREET is a very clever, hilarious, fun ride that isn't forgettable or dumb. It has a brand of humor movies like this don't have these day's. In cop films your supposed to have good chemistry by the two cop's. Here you do Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum feel like they've known each other for there lives. Also people nitpic the plot but I think the plot is awesome. Also you have a remarkable plot when you have the talent's of Jonah Hill (Superbad,Moneyball) Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) Rob Riggle (Nature Calls, The Lorax) Dave Franco (Superbad) Ice Cube and Brie Larson, that's a cast. The movie is also consistently funny. It not like you average comedies that is funny then not then funny then not. I was laughing non stop throughout the whole film. Overall 21 JUMP STREET is a hilarious and very fun ride.

Final Grade- A-
Upcoming Edition's for my Segment's;
Tuesday- Trailer Talk #3 (Django Unchained & Iron Man 3)
Friday- Robster Classic's #1 (Fight Club)
Halloween Day- TV Time #6 (5 already on my YT channel)(Community)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

November & December Movie's I'm Reviewing

Sorry for the absence, so for that I am going to show you guy's what films I will review on here in November and December! But before we start, I haven't had a chance to see Paranormal Activity 4 yet but I will soon, but I did see Pitch Perfect- B+ and The Perks of Being a Wallflower- A.
So let's start.

                                                      November 2
                                         First up we have Denzel Washington in Flight. Now I think Flight looks good. It looks like Washington's best film of 2012. I thought Safe House was mediocre cause it had a bucnch of cliche's. But the peformances look great from everyone from around the table. The plot isn't your standard drama it looks like something new. So I'm so pumped!

                                                   We also have Wreck-It Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph looks great. It could be the best animated film of 2012. The animation looks great. Also the thought of a story like Toy Story except with video game characters is awesome. In the trailer you have game characters like Sonic, Pacmen and so much more. The film also has a great plot it looks interesting. There are also certain aspects of the trailers that have dramatic scenes that look great, for a kid movie!

                                                          November 9
                                                   We have the 23 James Bond film Skyfall 007. Skyfall is my SECOND most anticipated film of November. This movie looks to have amazing action that looks very fun. Also this has a great plot with some cool minor wholes that don't look to interupt. The movie also looks well shot. It looks like the filmmakers got shot's you never see which is cool.

                                                             November 16
                                            We have Steven Speilberg's Lincoln. Now this was one of my most anticipated films of 2012 but when I saw the trailer, I was underwhelmed. The trailer makes it look like War Horse, which I didn't see but looked kind of bad. So I'm not as excited as at first but I'm in. Cause of the director SS.

                                                                       November 21
                                      We have The Silver Linings Playbook. I'm sorry but this is my most anticipated film of November. This movie looks fantastic. The movie looks to have the right drama a drama should have. The movie has drama that hit's the right notes. The peformances also look great. Jennifer Lawrence looks fantastic. She is so hot! sorry but she is so damn hot! This LOOKS FANTASTIC!

Next we have Red Dawn. Now people think this movie looks like shit but I think this movie can be fun. The trailer makes it look fun. That's the thing for me. People thought the trailer for Total Recall (2012) was bad cause it looked to video gami, but I enjoyed all 3 trailers for that movie. So I think this movie looks underhyped. So yah.

 November 30
                                                         We have Killing Them Softly. This movie looks amazing. The movie has great cinematography. It looks well shot. The violence in this trailer is awesome. The peformances look great to. Also it's from a great director idr his name. But This looks great.


                            December 14

The Hobbit... this movie looks ok. I'm sorry. But the trailers wern't that good. Yah they have great cinematography and some really cool visuals. But honestly It doesnt look that great. 

December 21
 This is 40. Now to me I'm sorry but this looks hilarious the trailers have a great since of humor. The movie has a good plot. Also interesting characters. So I'm really excited!

Christmas Day
Do I have to say anything, It's Quentin Tarantino??? Most anticipated film for rest of 2012

                                           Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frankenweenie & Butter Written Reviews

Tim burton created a mistical but "fun" black and white non animated 30 minute film. I didn't see it but I don't really want to. But I was looking foward to the 2012 version that's clay-mation. So I went in with an open-mind cause of his director vantourial for Dark Shadows which was mediocre. Also he produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which was also mediocre. In my opinion Sweeny Todd was his lat fine work. It's a strong movie. I'm glad to say as you should know ParaNorman was my favorite movie of 2012 but now Frankenweenie is.

Frankenweenie is a fresh taste of Tim Burton film. It has a cool and sweet premise that's I love. Also the voice cast is storng they're good actors. The animation is the best part of the movie it's great. I also like the direction from Tim Burton it's very well done. He knew what he was doing. The producers of the film bring aspects that work and are not perdictable. That's another point in my eye I didn't think it was predictable. Some of the charecters pacifically Weird girl she is so annoying and dumb. Also Edger I think he was to hyper in the film. He's nothing new and he wasn't needed. But overall Frankenweenie is my favorite animated film this year.

Final Grade- A-

Butter is basically a new somethin g never done before it is a weird kind of movie. I wasn't looking foward to Butter just cause it looked dumb and the premise was too stupid. But the cast is strong. So I ended up thinking Butter was ok. It's your average October movie. The cast. Is amazing.

One thing I wanna bring up Olivia Wilde she played a slut type girl who eneded up being Lezbeian type girl. She was fantastic if I were a girl and I was like that (Which I wouldn't) I would be emmbaressed not cause I'm lezbeian but cause she alway's where's tank top type shit.  But the plot is RIDICULOUS. A butter cxarving contest? that's stupid. I hated Jeniffer Gardner. She played a mean spirited, racey and crude husband. She was awful. Probaly the least strong. But overall Butter has to many problems to be great

Final Grade- B-

Monday, October 1, 2012

Trailer Talk #2: Identity Theft & Life of Pi

                                  2 blog posts in 2 days? yah it's time. Totday is the second written formed Trailer Talk and I'm gonna talk about the official trailef for Identity Theft & the second trailer for Life of Pi!

 Let's get started with the comedy Identity Theft!

                                                                Identity Theft...

Identity Theft is the new comedy from the director of Horrible Bosses (B+) and the producer of Ted (B+) so that made me get even more excited. But I'm glad to say the first trailer is pretty damn funny. Usually comedy trailer aren't that funny (The Dictator, The Campaign, The Watch, 21 Jump Street) but there are some comedies that have trailers that don't serve that movie justice. So there have been comedies that suprised us with no good trailers but are really funny (21 Jump Street) and there's some that the trailers were bad and turned out desent (The Dictator, The Campaign) Now this trailer looks convicted and just tries to make you laugh but doesn't. There is also some overally repetitive scenes that have the same jokes that were not funny in the first place like the part were Melissa Mccarthy hit's Jason Bateman in the throat and kicks him in the knee which fell flat. The plot looks interesting and it looks like something that's never been done before in a comedy. Also the dialog looks corney funny that means weird and funny at the same time. Also the cast and the group of people they got to be in the film is great. But mainly in the trailer there are aspects to like and dislike but for half the time it made me laugh. So I'm gonna give Identity Theft official trailer one
Final Grade- 6.5/10

Lets movie on to the second trailer for Life of Pi. It's basically a action science fiction book - to movie adaptation idk. I was really needing some other trailer to be fully on board for this movie cause I really enjoyed that trailer but I'm glad to say I really enjoyed this trailer. It has a sence of cool atmisphere and a cool vibe, which also brings some really good emotional scenes betweeen the cast. It also looks to have a good story that looks fun, interesting and is something never before been done. Also the peformances looks great they look classic. I also think there will be pontiential Oscar stuff going around for this movie that it might deserve. Overall Life of Pi trailer two brings something fresh and a fun vibe to the table. So I'm on board.
Final Grade- 8.5/10