Friday, October 26, 2012

Important Update / Earlier This Year #1

Hey guy's. Today I'm going to give y'all a very important update with some new segmant's and some updating. Also I give y'all a first edition of a new thing I'm going to do here called Earlier This Year which I will talk about in my update area.

First let's do the update with some new thing's coming-
  • New Segmant's: as you guy's should know I have had segmant's like Trailer Talk and Monthly Previews. Will the good news is that Trailer Talk will be coming new still. There will be a new edition of Trailer Talk on Tuesday's. But the "bad" new's Is I won't do anymore Monthly Previews. Like I'm reviewing Cloud Atlas on Sunday. I already did my November & December movies preview already but no more. So New Segmant's I'm doing. These are the new segmant's: Earlier This Year, and Robster Classics.
  • More paragraphs: In my reviews if you read them you might notice I don't do alot of paragraphs, so I will be doing 10-15 paragraphs now on
  • Less Time: If you don't which you probablly don't I'm in school now. So I will be busy as shit doing essay's, project, and my least favorite homework. So I will barley have any time. But I will still update on movies and more.
  • Something for a Change: On my YouTube I do one segmant called TV Time. So I'm gonna start doing it on here to. I'll still make them on my YouTube if you subscribe so stay tuned for new TV Time's on YouTube on Wednesday's and If id have time on those day's I'll do them on here on Thursday's that's if I have time.
Now let's start with the first edition of Earlier This Year #1
Now this segment will be where I review a movie from earlier this year. Now the first edition of this will be on a comedy I saw more than 2 times in theaters, and now like 10-15 times 21 JUMP STREET.But before we start I will do one long paragraph for this segment.

21 JUMP STREET follows Schmidt and Jenko, one is popular, one is not. They went to high school together. But 5 year's after senior year they end up working at the same police station. But after doing a worng arrest, they get sent to the division of 21 Jump Street and they go back to high school to try and bust a new drug ring. Now I wasn't really looking foward to 21 JUMP STREET it looked ok it had me laughing some by trailers but it also kind of looked cliche but I'm glad to say 21 JUMP STREET. 21 JUMP STREET is a very clever, hilarious, fun ride that isn't forgettable or dumb. It has a brand of humor movies like this don't have these day's. In cop films your supposed to have good chemistry by the two cop's. Here you do Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum feel like they've known each other for there lives. Also people nitpic the plot but I think the plot is awesome. Also you have a remarkable plot when you have the talent's of Jonah Hill (Superbad,Moneyball) Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) Rob Riggle (Nature Calls, The Lorax) Dave Franco (Superbad) Ice Cube and Brie Larson, that's a cast. The movie is also consistently funny. It not like you average comedies that is funny then not then funny then not. I was laughing non stop throughout the whole film. Overall 21 JUMP STREET is a hilarious and very fun ride.

Final Grade- A-
Upcoming Edition's for my Segment's;
Tuesday- Trailer Talk #3 (Django Unchained & Iron Man 3)
Friday- Robster Classic's #1 (Fight Club)
Halloween Day- TV Time #6 (5 already on my YT channel)(Community)

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