Monday, October 1, 2012

Trailer Talk #2: Identity Theft & Life of Pi

                                  2 blog posts in 2 days? yah it's time. Totday is the second written formed Trailer Talk and I'm gonna talk about the official trailef for Identity Theft & the second trailer for Life of Pi!

 Let's get started with the comedy Identity Theft!

                                                                Identity Theft...

Identity Theft is the new comedy from the director of Horrible Bosses (B+) and the producer of Ted (B+) so that made me get even more excited. But I'm glad to say the first trailer is pretty damn funny. Usually comedy trailer aren't that funny (The Dictator, The Campaign, The Watch, 21 Jump Street) but there are some comedies that have trailers that don't serve that movie justice. So there have been comedies that suprised us with no good trailers but are really funny (21 Jump Street) and there's some that the trailers were bad and turned out desent (The Dictator, The Campaign) Now this trailer looks convicted and just tries to make you laugh but doesn't. There is also some overally repetitive scenes that have the same jokes that were not funny in the first place like the part were Melissa Mccarthy hit's Jason Bateman in the throat and kicks him in the knee which fell flat. The plot looks interesting and it looks like something that's never been done before in a comedy. Also the dialog looks corney funny that means weird and funny at the same time. Also the cast and the group of people they got to be in the film is great. But mainly in the trailer there are aspects to like and dislike but for half the time it made me laugh. So I'm gonna give Identity Theft official trailer one
Final Grade- 6.5/10

Lets movie on to the second trailer for Life of Pi. It's basically a action science fiction book - to movie adaptation idk. I was really needing some other trailer to be fully on board for this movie cause I really enjoyed that trailer but I'm glad to say I really enjoyed this trailer. It has a sence of cool atmisphere and a cool vibe, which also brings some really good emotional scenes betweeen the cast. It also looks to have a good story that looks fun, interesting and is something never before been done. Also the peformances looks great they look classic. I also think there will be pontiential Oscar stuff going around for this movie that it might deserve. Overall Life of Pi trailer two brings something fresh and a fun vibe to the table. So I'm on board.
Final Grade- 8.5/10

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