Sunday, October 21, 2012

November & December Movie's I'm Reviewing

Sorry for the absence, so for that I am going to show you guy's what films I will review on here in November and December! But before we start, I haven't had a chance to see Paranormal Activity 4 yet but I will soon, but I did see Pitch Perfect- B+ and The Perks of Being a Wallflower- A.
So let's start.

                                                      November 2
                                         First up we have Denzel Washington in Flight. Now I think Flight looks good. It looks like Washington's best film of 2012. I thought Safe House was mediocre cause it had a bucnch of cliche's. But the peformances look great from everyone from around the table. The plot isn't your standard drama it looks like something new. So I'm so pumped!

                                                   We also have Wreck-It Ralph. Wreck-It Ralph looks great. It could be the best animated film of 2012. The animation looks great. Also the thought of a story like Toy Story except with video game characters is awesome. In the trailer you have game characters like Sonic, Pacmen and so much more. The film also has a great plot it looks interesting. There are also certain aspects of the trailers that have dramatic scenes that look great, for a kid movie!

                                                          November 9
                                                   We have the 23 James Bond film Skyfall 007. Skyfall is my SECOND most anticipated film of November. This movie looks to have amazing action that looks very fun. Also this has a great plot with some cool minor wholes that don't look to interupt. The movie also looks well shot. It looks like the filmmakers got shot's you never see which is cool.

                                                             November 16
                                            We have Steven Speilberg's Lincoln. Now this was one of my most anticipated films of 2012 but when I saw the trailer, I was underwhelmed. The trailer makes it look like War Horse, which I didn't see but looked kind of bad. So I'm not as excited as at first but I'm in. Cause of the director SS.

                                                                       November 21
                                      We have The Silver Linings Playbook. I'm sorry but this is my most anticipated film of November. This movie looks fantastic. The movie looks to have the right drama a drama should have. The movie has drama that hit's the right notes. The peformances also look great. Jennifer Lawrence looks fantastic. She is so hot! sorry but she is so damn hot! This LOOKS FANTASTIC!

Next we have Red Dawn. Now people think this movie looks like shit but I think this movie can be fun. The trailer makes it look fun. That's the thing for me. People thought the trailer for Total Recall (2012) was bad cause it looked to video gami, but I enjoyed all 3 trailers for that movie. So I think this movie looks underhyped. So yah.

 November 30
                                                         We have Killing Them Softly. This movie looks amazing. The movie has great cinematography. It looks well shot. The violence in this trailer is awesome. The peformances look great to. Also it's from a great director idr his name. But This looks great.


                            December 14

The Hobbit... this movie looks ok. I'm sorry. But the trailers wern't that good. Yah they have great cinematography and some really cool visuals. But honestly It doesnt look that great. 

December 21
 This is 40. Now to me I'm sorry but this looks hilarious the trailers have a great since of humor. The movie has a good plot. Also interesting characters. So I'm really excited!

Christmas Day
Do I have to say anything, It's Quentin Tarantino??? Most anticipated film for rest of 2012

                                           Thanks for reading!

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