Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun Size Written Review

Before we start the regular thing I do on Sunday's I've got to tell one thing. In school starting tomorrow I will have a huge 2 month project that I will start, so I probablly won't have time to do written reviews for that amount of time. But I will try my best to get written reviews out. Cause my goal in life is to be a writer. I love to write if you didn't know that, but I will do written reviews as much as I have time to do them, but this weekend I had a chance to see the new tween & teen comedy Fun Size.

Fun Size stars Victoria Justice, Thomas Man, Jane Levy, Chelsea Handler and it follows Wren, a teen who want's to go to college, but on Halloween Wren and her best friend April (Jane Levy) get invited to a popular guy's Halloween party but meanwhile she get's stuck babysitting her little brother Albert by her mom (Chelsea Handler)
Now I wasn't looking foward to Fun Size at all. Before they released a trailer for it I thought it could be fun but then the trailer released and it looked like shit. So I watched an interview by the cast to know how they felt filming. So I went in with very low expectations. But I'm glad to say since I went in with low expectations, I had fun with Fun Size.
Fun Size has a cliche plot and some really contrived scenes. But Fun Size is a self aware party movie unlike Project X that know's it isn't perfect. The best thing about this movie is the skript. The skript is clever, it has jokes that you can laugh at and don't think back and say "what did I just laugh at?" It does have it's dumb and cliche jokes.
Fun Size has desent acting around the board. Jane Levy was good, and cute! but the stand out is the kid who play's Albert. I can see people not liking him, but he know's how to act. The best thing about his character is that he never talks untill it say's The End there's a scene with him saying "My family think's I don't talk, but I've been pranking my mom for 6 months" and he just calls her in an Mexican voice and talks about his mom's (Chelsea Handler) boobs. It's a funny scene. I didn't like Victoria Justice in this movie at first because she played the exact same character as she does in Victorious. But when I walked out I said. I was so distrackted by that. But she is average.

The movie is also very predictable and you know where it's gonna go. It also has a good character balance where your not introduced to many characters. The thing I really liked is in the begining they are going to the characters to show you what costumes they were one by one. The one I enjoyed the most was Albert. But overall Fun Size has a good plot, likeable characters, a good skript and it's fun.

          Final Grade- B

but I will start those segmants when I have time. but I won't have any time to do written reviews for a few weeks. So... see ya in a few weeks

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