2013 Movies I've Seen

Texas Chainsaw 2013: D+
Gangster Squad: D+
A Haunted House: D+
Struck By Lightning: D
The Last Stand: C-
Broken City: C-
Mama: C
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: C
Parker: C
Movie 43: D
John Dies at the End: B-
Stand Up Guys: D
Warm Bodies: B+
Bullet to the Head: C-
Identiy Thief: D+
Side Effects: B-
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan II: D
A Good Day to Die Hard: D
Escape From Planet Earth: B-
Safe Haven: D
Snitch: B-
21 & Over: D+
Jack the Giant Slayer: B-
Stoker- C
Dead Man Down: B-
Oz: The Great and Powerful: B-
The ABC's of Death: F
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: C+
The Call: B-
Spring Breakers: A-
From Up on Poppy Hill: B
Olympus Has Fallen: B
The Croods: B+
InAPPropriate Comedy: F
Love and Honor: D
The Sapphires: B+
Room 237: B+
G.I. Joe: Retaliation: C-
The Place Beyond the Pines: A-
Evil Dead: B+
Trance: B-
The Company You Keep: B-
Upstream Color: B+
42: B+
To the Wonder: C+
Disconnect: B+
It's a Disaster: B-
Oblivion: B
The Lords of Salem: B-
Pain and Gain: C-
Mud: A
Iron Man 3: B+
The Great Gatsby: B+
Star Trek: Into Darkness: A-
The Hangover Part 3- B-
Fast and Furious 6: B+
Epic- D+
Before Midnight- A
Behind the Candelabra- B+
Now You See Me- C-
The Kings of Summer- B+
The Internship- C+
The Purge- B
Rapture-Palooza- D
Much Ado About Nothing- C+
This is the End- A
Man of Steel- B+
Monsters University- B+
The Bling Ring- D
World War Z- B+
The Heat- C-
White House Down- B
The Way, Way Back- A-
Fruitvale Station- A-

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