Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frankenweenie & Butter Written Reviews

Tim burton created a mistical but "fun" black and white non animated 30 minute film. I didn't see it but I don't really want to. But I was looking foward to the 2012 version that's clay-mation. So I went in with an open-mind cause of his director vantourial for Dark Shadows which was mediocre. Also he produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which was also mediocre. In my opinion Sweeny Todd was his lat fine work. It's a strong movie. I'm glad to say as you should know ParaNorman was my favorite movie of 2012 but now Frankenweenie is.

Frankenweenie is a fresh taste of Tim Burton film. It has a cool and sweet premise that's I love. Also the voice cast is storng they're good actors. The animation is the best part of the movie it's great. I also like the direction from Tim Burton it's very well done. He knew what he was doing. The producers of the film bring aspects that work and are not perdictable. That's another point in my eye I didn't think it was predictable. Some of the charecters pacifically Weird girl she is so annoying and dumb. Also Edger I think he was to hyper in the film. He's nothing new and he wasn't needed. But overall Frankenweenie is my favorite animated film this year.

Final Grade- A-

Butter is basically a new somethin g never done before it is a weird kind of movie. I wasn't looking foward to Butter just cause it looked dumb and the premise was too stupid. But the cast is strong. So I ended up thinking Butter was ok. It's your average October movie. The cast. Is amazing.

One thing I wanna bring up Olivia Wilde she played a slut type girl who eneded up being Lezbeian type girl. She was fantastic if I were a girl and I was like that (Which I wouldn't) I would be emmbaressed not cause I'm lezbeian but cause she alway's where's tank top type shit.  But the plot is RIDICULOUS. A butter cxarving contest? that's stupid. I hated Jeniffer Gardner. She played a mean spirited, racey and crude husband. She was awful. Probaly the least strong. But overall Butter has to many problems to be great

Final Grade- B-

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