Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard Written Review

These are the old school action films I enjoy. So that will make my interest if I see a film like this one that has some to offer for old school action fans. A Good Day to Die Hard does deliver sometimes.

It's very fun to be honest. It has the thick and entertaining action that had my enjoyment tested. I was wondering through out if I liked it or not. At first I hated it, but by the end I enjoyed it. It's self aware and knows it's not the other Die Hard films (Which I have not seen) it is dumb, ridiculous and sometimes stupid. but it knows that. It's kind of like The Last Stand and Bullet to the Head, they're all stupid but they're fun.

It does have flaws. It's cinematography is really damn bad. But if you think about it, they have some really hard shots to film for sure towards the end. So I can't blame them. But they do have scenes of just John (Bruce Willis) sitting talking to someone and it's shaking and moving which pissed me off. 

It's script is also bad. It tries to accomplish what is does, and also some other things but doesn't. There's alot of scenes that this movie thought it was funny in but wasn't at all."Do you wanna hug?" "Were not the hugging family" "Your damn right" see!

It's direction is very lazy. It was very inconsistent on delivering fun action. The beginning 30-45 minutes are forced as fuck. The car chase, daughter, ect. That whole part effected it alot.

The chemistry is pretty solid. Bruce Willis and idk who the guy who played his son was but they had desent chemistry. But there was scenes of them trying to pull of family moments but didn't.

It's action entertained me, so did it's chemistry. And Bruce delivered a solid peformance. if you take away a' billions of flaws, A Good Day to Die Hard aka Die Hard 5 is enjoyable.

Final Grade- C+

I'm going C+ cause me and my dad had fun watching the movie but honestly the first 30 minutes of obnoxious behavior and ridiculous action and the unforgivable cinematography. But I'm saying in fun standpoints it would get a B but as a movie in standpoints of film making it would get C+. I enjoyed some of it but some of it sucked.  

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