Saturday, January 26, 2013

Parker Written Review

Statham is great. But when it comes to him choosing movies he might be just ok. He picks inconsistently. He was good in Expendables 2 which was the first movie I reviewed on here. I didn't see Killer Elite. and Safe was just mediocre. So you know I trust him (for the most part)

Parker follows a master robber who has a team and they trade him. Once he finds out they're planning a huge new robbery he decides to stop them. He meets a lady played by Jennifer Lopez and they decide to team up.

Now I was mixed with expectations on this. Part of me trusted Statham and part didn't. Like I said he can be a bit inconsistent. But I still see his new films. And I'm sad to say this movie is just bad.

Parker is a very generic, predictable and unsatisfying film. The thing holding it down the most is it's very very predictable plot. By reading the story on IMDB and you'll know what happens. And it doesn't help when the first scene in the trailer starts out the movie. It's just painfully predictable and for that makes it kind of hard to watch. It goes from a very bloody film to an unsatisfying love story at spots which I found hard to calculate and understand. What does it want to be? It's love story which is very predictable is very easy to see coming. And it's now interesting.

The script is also very tonely confused. it has a very inconsistent tone. The script has 3 elements, love. action. and and jokes. They don't belond together here. They don't mashup well. It tries to make you laugh, but simpily, fails. They're plenty of jokes thrown at you and only a few hit atleast solidly. The tone which I said was confusing makes it's pretty satisfying action to an unsatisfying action. Which may not make to much sence but the action is good but by the end it's totally wasted on other thing. It's direction is also confused and unfocused. It really doesn't go anywhere. It just 3 simple things the whole time Love, Action, Jokes. The only one I found interesting was it's action. But like I said is just unsatisfying by the end.

The acting for the most part holds on strong. As always, even if he's in a bad movie, Statham is always good. He held most of the movie together from being a complete bore and mess. Jennifer Lopez who is suprisingly really solid here. She has desent chemistry with Jason. But they're chemistry when they first meet is just kind of lazy, like they don't wanna work together. Then towards the middle they think they're chemistry is a joke. then towards the end is love. Which I wouldn't call a spoiler cause it's predictable. And that ending was very confusing!

Overall, Parker has fun action, but it's bogged down by incredibly lazy direction, mediocre chemistry, contrived camera work, and sometimes underdeveloped characters. I'm giving it a strong....

Final Grade- C+

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