Thursday, January 17, 2013

Django Unchained Written Review

Quetin Tarantino makes history of film that brings people to sides and most of each side loves his masterpeices. Tarantino is a talented and gifted human being who thinks of making some of the best movies out there. His movies don't only conclude of histroy,,, but of entertainment.

Django Unchained follows a slave named Django aka Jango if you don't count the silent D. He's bought by a bounty hunter played by Christoph Waltz, so basically Christoph Waltz character tries to help Django (Jamie Foxx) try and get his slaved wife (Kerry Washington) back from Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Now I was dieing to see Django Unchained. it was my second most anticipated film of the fall 2012. It not only had great trailers and a great assembled cast and director. But it is from QUENTIN TARANTINO!!! Tarantino has made my favorite film of all time Inglorious Basterds and made my 6th favorite too PUlP FICTION and he made my 16th favorite film of all time RESERVOIR DOGS and he made Kill Bill Volume 1/2 which I still need to see and Jackie Brown which I also need to see and last but not least Death Proof. Which I might see.

Django Unchained is a masterfully directed, skyhigh batch of entertainment. Which might sound weird. My point is I loved Django Unchained.

Django Unchained has one of the best screenplays I've seen in a long time. It has some of the funniest and clever jokes and entertaining and slick action. It is a 2 hour 45 minute movie that honestly felt like 30 minutes. It does drag a few times but blah

It has Tarantino's touch that movies don't have humor, violence and gross out peformances. Jamie Foxx kicked complete ass as the main character that is "Django, the D is silent" Leonardo DiCaprio is good here but honestly his peformance was a bit overrated. His character is the genaric villian. Christoph Waltz is also fantastic. He has funny lines of witty dialogue and action packed scenes of eye poping stuff. Samuel L. Jackson is hilarious. He has some very raunchy lines theres one where he says.
"Give my the strength to kill this ------!" that will offend people but I gotta say it was funny.

The cinematography was great, The end action scene was hilarious and awesome. It had moments where I was on the edge of my seat and my eyes never came off the screen

Overall, Django Unchained has witty, suspense, clever, and brilliant scenes off direction, acting, screenplay, hilarity, and insueing action and it's everything I wanted from Django Unchained and that makes it........... THE BEST FILM OF 2012!!!!

Final Grade- A

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