Friday, January 25, 2013

Broken City Written Review

A duo like Crowe and Wahlberg should make atleast a desent film. And when I first saw it I thought it was "desent". But the more I simpily look at something about it or talk about it the more I dislike it.

Broken City follows ex cop (Mark Wahlberg) who is hired by the mayer (Russel Crowe) to sneak out and spy on his wife (Cathrine Zeta Jones) and soon he finds out he wasn't really hired for that, it was something else!
Now I was really really never looking foward to Broken City. At first I was cause I loved the cast. But simpily when the trailers came out I got less excited. I just wasn't a fan of the trailers. And I'm really sad to say I'm starting to hate it honestly. It is one of the most annoying, generic, dull and uninteresting movies in a long time. They're were plenty and plenty of scenes where I was rolling my eyes cause of how bored, uninteresting and stupid they were. There's a side plot about Mark Wahlberg's girlfriend has here premiere of her new fucking porn type movie that a damn indie and they get in a fight at a bar that I was laughing so hard at. It was so uninteresting and porrly written.

Of coarse the duo is good. Wahlberg and Crowe do have a slightly interesting friendship shown. They have great chemistry together, which made some of the movie fun to watch. But all the good stuff is just bogged down by it's incredibly uninteresting and ridiculously serious and dull script. The movie thinks it's briliant at times. But is lame for it's own good. The script is what held it down the most for me. It tries to make you laugh; but fails. It tries to keep you entertained; but fails.

Broken City is an uninteresting, messey, corny, dull and sortof awful filf that has jarring direction and cinematography, a rough plot and pacing. With some terribley uninteresting script. And it's laughable dialogue. I really didn't like Broken City.

Final Grade: C-

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