Friday, January 25, 2013

The Last Stand Written Review

Arnold is a classic action hero. Everytime you hear he's gonna be in a movie it's already in your most anticipated for the year. He is my favorite action here. I don't know about you but he's mine!

The Last Stand follows a cop (Arnold Schwarzengger) who is hired to stop a man who is holding one of his employes in hostage, and the more he finds out about it the more he gets involved in it.
Now like I said "everytime you hear Arnold's gonna be in a movie it's already one of your most anticipated films of the year" and in this case even if I didn't think the trailers were that great, it was still one of my most anticipated films of the year.

Now, I really liked The Last Stand. The thing that made me enjoy it as much as I did was it's not-so-serious tone. It is very consistent and the same through out. Which I thought made it take it's self goofy like. Kind of not so serious. It was really executed well. It's bounces well with blood and violence then comedy. It balances so well and towards the last act for sure. The last act had me laughing very consistently and kept me entertained the whole way through.

The direction for the most part in my opinion is kind of briliant. How the director balances everything here so well makes me wanna smile. It has a prefect balance of charatcer, action, comedy, tone and cinematography. It has some of the most twisty and fun roots it takes you through that is done really well. The cinematoraphy is really well done too they get some great shots that were really impressive.

The script for the most part works. Like I said everything here is well done. And calculates in a normal fasion of old stylized films that have everything The Last Stand has. It has old classic humor that was funny. An action thriller with hilarious humor! there was action and comedy in one and belt so well.
Overall, The Last Stand has everything an 80's alike action movie should have. And I kind of loved it for that.

Final Grade- B+

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