Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty Movie Review

I know it's been a while... December 22 was my last post. I've decided to give you guys reviews for 2 movies I loved and they're my 2 favorites of 2012. This is Zero Dark Thirty and next Django Unchained. I have seen others like Texas Chainsaw 3D, Gangster Squad, A Haunted House, The Impossible, Parental Guidance, This is 40, Jack Reacher, and throughout this month I'll right reviews for all of thoose movies. For today, Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained!
Once in a film period theres a director who takes on tragedies and sometimes manage to get use of them and turn them into cinematic hitory. This time around it was Kathrine Bigelow took on the tragic and sad 9/11 attack. With Zero Dark Thirty. I was not dieing to see it. I usually dislike movies like this. But I honestly, I loved this movie.

Zero Dark Thirty follows Maya, a lady who leads the 10 year manhunt of Osama Bin Laden after the tragic 911 attach. That's really the story. But like I said I don't usually like movies like this. But Kathrine Bigelow knows how to make cinema history. She inplants such smart and interesting quirk that builds up in suspense, brilliant, and epic amount of ways that lead up to movies like this.

Zero Dark Thirty has a briliant script. They're were scenes that had me interested and on the edge of my seat. With scenes that had very homage and likeable characters and situlations happening. It has it's moments of laughter and tense scenes.

It has a storytelling that you would want. It's a tragedy that was sad and It had me wondering. (why, why?) and it built up to a structure that never gets too ridiculous and makes you ask whats it going for?

It has some of the best peformances ever. It has suspensfully directed scenes and by that I mean Bigelows direction had me on the edge of my seat. Jessica Chastain is fantastic here. She's talented, layered and great. She is one of the most likeable actresses out there and I sure do hope she wins Best Female Peformance at the academy... which I think she will.

Overall, Zero Dark Thirty is tense, suspensful, edgy, masterfully made that is a part of cinema history and will be talked about in 25 years from now. It's my second favorite film of 2012 behind the next reviewed movie I'll do....

Final Grade- A

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