Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reviews: Killing Them Softly, Life of Pi, Silver Lining's Playbook and Red Dawn

I have some bad news. I know for sure I won't have time to do another written review for a while. Until atleast mid January. Then I will do a little review for every movie I missed on reviewing. The reason why being is you know I am a writer. I hope to be a screenplay writer. So writing means the world to me. But tomorrow through January 14, 2013 I will have to work on my project. So today's my last written thing until then. Also since it's almost hafe way through school my teachers are starting to give me more work and stuff. But if you know where to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube go there and stay updated on new videos, news and everything movies. But untill January 14. I am gonna give you written reviews of Killing Them Softly, Life of Pi, Silver Lining's Playbook and Red Dawn. Let's get started with my favorite of the bunch Silver Lining's Playbook

Silver Lining's Playbook is the new dramady based off the book and it's directed by David O Russel and stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Chris Tucker and follows Pat, a ill person who got sent to a ill people hospital and when he get's out he plans on getting back his wife Nikki. But when he meats Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) he might love her instead of Nikki. Now I was fucking dieing to see this movie. It looked great. So I read the book before I saw the movie. I only got to page 94 (I took my book with me in the theater). I'm glad to say Silver Lining's Playbook has a great script, great acting, is consistently funny. With a wonderful cinematography I loved it. It my second favorite movie of 2012.
Final Grade- 10/10

Life of Pi is also based off a book which I didn't read. The movie looked dumb. I'm sorry but it did. Sure it had a nice visual style and some really good cinematography. So That's the only reason I wanted to see this movie. I was not disappointed cause I got what I wanted good out of the film. But it's nothing like Avatar. Now I did have fun but It's know where as good as people say it is. Anyway Life of Pi is directed by Ang Lee and it follows Pi, a teen who is traveling with his family to a new place. That's all I'm gonna say since this is an easy movie to give away. But Life of Pi starts off very lazy and cliche. It is based on religion about God. I didn't find it to be that interesting. The movie has amazing visuals. SOME likeable characters. But the movie has alot of flaws.
Final Grade- 6.5/10
Red Dawn is the remake of the 1984 movie called Red Dawn and it stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, and some other people. It follows 2 brothers Jed (Chris Hemsworth) and Matty (Josh Peck) and when the US goverment get's invated they decide to form a group of Wolverines to fight and win the goverment back. Now I was suprisingly really looking foward to this movie. It looked fun honestly. But I'm sad to say Red Dawn came off as a jarring, cliche and lifelss remake. Now the action is fun but the camera work is mediocre and jarring. It has countless plot wholes one including Josh Peck trying to get back his girlfriend. Which was stupid. It has very cliche characters. It has an awful ending. With some pretty solid peformances (except every girl in the movie)

Final Grade- 5.5/10

I barley have time to review Killing Them Softly but I saw it at an advanced screeing on 11-07 so here we go.

Plot- 2/10
Characters- 4.5/10
Writing- 4/10
Cinematography- 9/10
Peformances- 9/10
Direction- 7.5/10
Dialogue- 2/10
Pacing- 5/10

Final Grade- 5/10

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