Friday, August 24, 2012

Brief Written Review for ParaNorman

Let's start of with my favorite of the two movies ParaNorman. ParaNorman is the newest Laikia animated film and it brings back the memories from claymation. ParaNorman follows Norman, everyone including his parents think he is strange cause he has a gift which is he can talk to the dead. When his crazy uncle tells him about the which who gave there town a zombie invasion he is the only who can save his town. I  went in with hight expectations cause this movie looked really funny.

Laikia is my third favorite animation stuio behind Pixar and Aardman. They pretty much do claymated style animation. It's very unique and beautiful and rarley done anymore. The last one we had was The Pirates! Band of Misfit's which I did see and I would give it a 3.5/5 Stars and B. The styleized and unique animation is very rare in are time but what ParaNorman used it very great and very beautifully and managed to make it look like stop motion that Coraline which plese dont kill me but I haven't seen.

But ParaNorman has a plot that is very clever and mature that also has a kinda creepy side to it that refreshes the whole charecters situlations they get into. The plot had some jokes that fell flat for sure but most of them weren't nailed into the ground. It also has very likeable and managable charecters that are very fun to follow

These charecters were very well hand made developed that looked real. The background clay they used was great and the zombies in this movie was very well done. Also these visuals were awesome and very well done and they just looked fantastic. This story never felt disjointed or weird it always worked. 

The facial epressions were great in this movie. Also this voice cast is a to the mazing. They felt lke they wanted to be there and I liked that about the movie. Also this dialog was suprisingly very mature and wasn't as childish as expected. This movie has some nitpickit's to do with it though. This is my favorite animated movie of the year, if I had to pick honarable mentions they would be Brave and The Secret World of Arriety.

Overall I really enjoyed ParaNorman and it's the best kid related movie of August. I didn't see The Odd Life of Timothy Green and I don't plan onto see it but I did see Wimpy Kid: Dog Day's and I hated it.

Final Rating for ParaNorman= A-
Final Star Rating= 4.5/5 Stars

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