Friday, August 24, 2012

The Expendables 2 Brief Written Review

The Expendables 2 has all maybe some of those awesome and great action stars that stared in Rocky and Transporter also alot others. I did se the first Expendables movie I was not dissapointed by it I just thought the trailer was corney and the movie was I would give the first movie C- and 2/5. But suprisingly I was really anticipating Expendables 2 it looked very fun and I thought it could be a whole lot of fun. And it was....

The Expendables 2 follows the violent group of assassains this time they get a new member on the team named Billy (Liam Hemsworth) and he get's murdered so the expendables go out for revenge on them. The Expendables 2 is not only have more action in 10 minutes then the whole first movie but it's way better than the first. It has a whole bunch of violent action and cool kills.

This action is al styleized and fun to watch it's also very well shot and camera held and I didn't notice any shakey camera. Also this action was just very great and clever and never got anonymous like this years lackluster Battleship or the popular but boring trilogy Transformers. It's very awesome and never let down like the first. I actully finaly care about these charecters and I think the stand outs are Liam Hemsworth, Jet Li, and Jason Statham. They all showed the right atitude and actioness sence of action. Also they were just the best. I also suprisingly thought Sylvester Stallone was pretty good.

Also I thought the plot was ok It was kinda interesting. I thought some of the peformances did interupt with the plot and some of the action. Also I did laugh a few times but when I think about it and I ask my self why I laughed at it. Some of the peformances were terrible like I just hated Chuck Norris in this movie IDK why but he was annoying.

I also thought some of the dialog was uninteresting but some of it was very interesting. The action is the best action of the year not including The Avengers. Except The Avengers is better than this.
And it was a huge improvement on the action, charecters, and not lacking fun.

Overall I really enjoyed The Expendables 2 it's very entertaining, action packed fun.
Final Grade= B+
Star Grade= 4/5 Stars

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