Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Movies Preview & Most Anticipated

Before we start I did see Lawless and I would give it "B" and a "3.5/5"

Ok now during the fall most of the time the movies are corney, but this fall looks really awesome. We have some book transformed into movies, time travel and more. Last fall we had Drive (A), Moneyball (B+), A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (A-), Tower Heist (B), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (B+), M:I-GP (A-) and so much more. But this fall looks even better. So let's get started with some Honarable Mentions for Most anticipated for the fall.

Honarable Mentions- Red Dawn, Seven Psychopaths, and Wreck It-Ralph

10: This is 40-  I love Judd Apatow he is one of my favorite writers and directors he's responcable for Anchorman "A" and "5/5", The 40 Year Old Vergin (Didn't See), Knocked Up "A" and "5/5", Superbad which is my #1 fav movie of ALL TIME, Forgetting Sarah Marshall "A" and "5/5", Pineapple Express "B+" and "4/5", Funny People (Haven't seen in about three years) but "B+" and "4/5", Bridesmaids "A-" and "4.5/5", The Five-Year Engagment "B+" and "4/5" and so much more and this looks hilarious. 

9: Skyfall-  The 23 James Bond thriller with Daniel Craig.... It's another James Bond movie and no other words to say about it
8: Killing Them Softly-  Brad Pitt who will also be in World War Z which I will not see and was in Moneyball "B+" and "4/5". This looks to be violent (In a cool way) with really cool action scenes and looks very well shot, so I can't wait for Killing Them Softly.

7: Argo-  Casey Affleck's brother Ben Affleck did 2010's The Town which I suprisingly was really interested in cause it lookes corney (Sorry...) but this looks well made, really cool and fun. But hopefully I will see The Town before the October 12 release for this.

6: Looper-  JGL is my 4th favorite actor of all time and he's is with Bruce Willis makes me wanna yell yes! And it resently got rated R and I can't belive that, But it's a JGL and BW time travel action thriller is so awesome. It might be as good as Drive which happens to be My favorite film of last year.

5: The Silver Linings Playbook-  The fact that it has The Hunger Games Jennifer Lawerence and The Hangover's Bradley Cooper makes me wanna die, It's so, so awesome that they're teaming up for a Dramedy. Can't wait. 

4: Cloud Atlas-  This will probally be this years The Tree of Life (Haven't seen but heard it's great) or Midnight in Paris (Great Film). It's well casted it looks like it will have a strong story with no unlikeable charecters. And hopefully great peformances.

3: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey-  J.R.R Toilken's The Hobbit will be split into 3 parts, and the first comes out December 14, 2012 and don't kill me but I haven't seen The Lord of the Ring's trilogy and I think I will before The Hobbit Part I comes out but I think it will be epic, awesome and very clever also a fun time at the movie's.

2: The Master-  I don't know for sure when this comes out cause they're is mayhem about it and it either comes out September 14 or September 21. But IDN to tell people why this will be great, Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favorite directors and it has one of the best cast's sence July 27th's The Watch which was not that funny and I would give it "C" and "2.5/5". So I can't freakin wait for The Master

1: Django Unchained-  I don't have to say why I'm dieing to see this. Once The Dark Knight Rises came out this was my most anticipated film for rest of 2012. I mean it's a Christmas Day Quentin Tarantino film, with Leonardo Dicaprio and Jamie Foxx.... So yah Django Unchained is most for sure my most anticipated for the rest of the year. 

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