Saturday, September 1, 2012

Total Recall (2012) Late Written Review

Total Recall...
Total Recall (2012) follows Douglass Quiad, a man who thinks he has dreams about a girl (Jessica Biel) so he goes to Rekall. Rekall is a place were they can insert your dreams into you life. When it goes wrong he finds him on the run with Jessica Biel.
The hit Arnold science fiction classic get's remade in a different cast and typical way with Colin Farrell. Now I originaly thought that Colin Farrell was a remake king, cause I really enjoyed the Fright Night remake and would give it "B" and "3.5/5". Thinking now that I finaly saw this.... He isn't anymore. When Total Recall Remake isn't bad it's pretty fun but forgettable, for the most part it's average. Now this is coming from a kid who didn't see the origanal.

When the remake has amazing special effects and visuals, the story and average spent charecters make it into what it is. I think the  strongest thing besides the visuals and effects, Colin Farrell is great in this movie. He makes Douglas into a likeale charecter

These are the second best effects of the year without a dought but Prometheus still takes the cake.
Also Kate Beckinsale really has nothing to do in this movie, she has some of the most obvious and obnoxious dialog in about 2 months. I really enjoyed Jessica Biel in this movie. Of Kate Beckinsale movies this year this is for sure the best, Contraband I would give 2.5/5 and is way better than Underworld Awakening.  

Overall Total Recall Is a very cool and fun time at the movies but it's forgettable fun at the time but the Visuals, effects, some of the peformances, and some cool explosions it's very forgettable fun.

Final Grade= B
Star Grade= 3.5/5 Stars

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