Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dredd 3D (2012) Written Review

Dredd 3D....

                                   In comic book history we've had crap (Zoom, Both Ghost Rider movies) and we've had great comic book films (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Avengers) and we've had really good ones (Dark Knight Rises, Spider-Man 1-2, The Amazing Spider-Man) but were would you put Dredd 3D in at, the GOOD level. Now I hated the trailers and posters for Dredd 3D. But it was a very huge suprise. The action was very styleized and cool it had a good feeling to bit fresh, the biggest problem that holds Dredd 3D from being great is the villian. The villian is so familier and she's been in a whole bunch of movies this year. She isn't scary nor haunting. Also the dialog is uninteresting and poorly written. It folds into something boring. But the action makes up for it.

There is also some very disturbing scenes including Judge Dredd and "Rookie" they felt forced and disjointed. Also critics say "Dredd is an absoulute blast and it's better than The Dark Knight Rises and No way! Dark Knight Rises is way better. Probaly the best thing about this movie not including the action is the transplant of it's runtime. The movie is an estimate of 1 Hour 38 minutes. And it doesn't feel that long. It for sure doesn't go by as fast as the Avengers but It goes by fast.

 You also really don't give a shit about the charecters (That arm't main ones) they don't do anything that makes you root for them or anything. Also there is some minor violence that could have been cut out. I'm not against violence but there were some pointless scenes of that. There is no story here just like The Raid. Except The Raid makes up for it with the amazing action. When Most of the action in Dredd 3D does it still doesn't fully cover it up.

So overall Dredd has a really fast and not slowpaced runtime, some non likeable charecters, some amazing action, brutally cool action, no story and some really rip off from The Raid Redemption but I'm half on this one, for the most of the movie I was on board. There were for sure some slow scenes though.

Final Grade- B+
Star Grade- 4/5

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