Wednesday, September 26, 2012

October Movies Preview (Movies I will Review)

                    Wensday, September 26, 2012- 7:54

This will be about the movies I will review the month of October. Enjoy!

                                                                   October 5, 2012
                               We have Tim Burton's latest work Frankenweenie. When Tim Burton hasn't put out good movies lately (Dark Shadows, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) this looks really fun and has a great sence of animation, Now for some reason I thought that Frankenweenie was a Kiddy halloween movie but I looked on a website that reviewed the film and said "Frankenweenie is geared older tweens but it delivers on creepy and non-stop action that makes it a better fit for teen"? that suprised me. They also said it's creepier than ParaNorman (As of September 26 is my favorite animated movie of 2012) and there lame and do age recommendations and said it's okay for 12+. That really pissed me off cause who ever reviewed that doesn't have good taste. So I'm on board for Frankenweenie! My Hype from 1-10- 8.5/10

                                                                   October 12, 2012
                                             Now Argo is my SECOND most anticipated movie of October it looks to have a great story, an impressive amount of charecters, interesting dialog, and great acting. The movie also looks visually cool and interesting. Also I really enjoy the action and some of the amount of little shown from the movie. Cause critics said that the trailers give away the twist. I didn't notice it. But before this comes out, I need to watch The Town. I'm excited.
My hype number from 1-10- 10/10

                        We also have the new action comedy with an all star cast Seven Psychopaths. This is my THIRD most anticipated movie of October. This movie has a huge amount of laughs in the trailer. Also the cast= great. The acting looks solid, so does the plot/charecters. The only big problem I have by the trailers is it has "No Story". But I'm looking foward to it.
My hype number from 1-10- 9.5/10

                                                                   October 19, 2012
 We have the fourth installment in the PA trilogy. Now I loved the first movie I would give it "B+" now I wasn't a big fan of the second it was contribed and forced and just to silly for a horror movie, I would give it "C-". But I had a fun time with the third and would give it "B"
But what I've noticed is the trailers are not in the movie. So I'm gonna go in with desent expectations.
My hype number from 1-10- 6/10

                                                                    October 26, 2012
                             This is my most anticipated movie of October. But If you wanna see this do not see the first 5 minute trailer. But I'm speechless about the trailers. Great, great, great, great GREAT!

My hype number from 1-10- 10/10 (Speechless)

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