Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Cold Light of Day Written Review

The Cold Light of Day....

                                              When it came to expectations for this it was a 0 cause I was not looking foward to it at all. The action looked prescise and corney, the charecters are not likeable here and the action is dull and Uninteresting. Also the actors in this movie looked bored. So is the Cold Light of Day as bad as I thought it would be no, but is it bad.... Yah. The Cold Light of Day brings nothing new to the table with dull action as expected. The story is overally repetative of it's self and it got on my nerves. Henry Cavile however you spell his last name he lookes bored and embaressed to be in it.                                                  

                                         The action thinks it's so cool and it tries to be like The Bourne Movies, and it's nowhere as cool as the 4 Bourne movies. Also the girl who tries to trick Will (Henry Cavile) is so not good. She is so annoying and irritating. Also this movie has terrible dialog it's so uninteresting and poorly written. Also the effecs and explosions are also boring. The actors include Bruce Willis, He is totally wasted in this movie he has nothing to do sence he dies.   

Overall The Cold Light of Day is just a really bad movie. It has very very very very very uninteresting dialog, unlikeable charecters, a overally repedative and familer story and stupid and bad action make for a non solid "action" movie.

Final Grade- C-
Star Grade- 2/5 Stars

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