Saturday, September 15, 2012

Premium Rush Late Written Review

Premium Rush....

                                             In the world of biking and stunts there comes a few movies 
                                          can make it right or even work, so can JGL make it work... Yah. Premium Rush ended up being a huge suprise. The trailers lacked action except for the cool bike scenes or JGL. Of course JGL stole the show. He is very good as always for what he had to do. Also I thought the story was pretty strong. A fearless bike messenger. That's cool.

Also I thought the action bike scenes were great, they are very well shot and made. JGL knows how to ride a bike. I also really liked the soundtrack it play's very cool music when something is about to happen. Jamie Chung is in this movie, she was desent like alway's. The biggest thing holding Premium Rush down is the unlikable dick-head villian, he strikes with nothing good or even ok acting wise.            

                                          Also I was always interested in the dialog it was very "corney."
there is one scene: SPOILER ALERT!- One scene when JGL tells the villian to "Suck It Douchebag" that scene made me laugh so hard. So the main and only stand out is JGL

Overall Premium Rush delivers on cool bike stunts, good peformances by JGL with a great ending.
Final Grade= B+
Star Grade= 4/5

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