Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reviews: Wreck-It Ralph, Flight, Skyfall.

Hey guy's. ik I haven't posted anything on here in a couple of weeks. But my HUGE project I told you guy's (hopefully) about starts tomorrow so I won't be able to post anything untill atleast January 2013. So I've decided to give you guy's written reviews for the animated gem Wreck-It Ralph, the Denzel drama Flight and the 23 Bond film Skyfall. Let's start off with the biggest of the 3 Skyfall.

Skyfall is the new Bond film that is the 23 film. It stars Daniel Craig and it follows Bond on a mission, When his partner "kills" him his other agents find out he's not dead. When Silva comes to town, a computer hacker who will show people some agents idenities he must stop Silva. Now like everyone I was really wanting to see this film. I'm glad to say it's almost as good as Casino Royale. Skyfall has great cinematography, everywere they film is beautiful. They also get some shots most filmakers now a' days can't get. Some scenes are even mindblowing. The acting from everyone across the board is also very soild Daniel Craig is great as always. Also I admire how the film stats out great but then slows down to catch up on new stuff on Silva and James Bond, then the last 30-45 minutes is non stop explosions and gun fire. Must movies that have non stop explosions are bad (Bourne Legacy, Total Recall 2012) but here they are fasinating and fun. Also the movie has it's tipical Bond plot but here it's executed very well. The movie also has moments of laughter that worked. But overall I loved Skyfall it's fun and unforgettable.

Final Grade- A-
Now we have Wreck-It Ralph!

Wreck-It Ralph is the newest animated film featuring video game characters from games like Sonic, Bowser, Doctor Pippi and so much more. But Wreck-It Ralph follows Wreck-It Ralph, an arcade video game vilian who has worked as a bad guy for 30 years. But when he is tired of getting treated bad, he decides to try and get a metal too prove he can be a hero but when he meets a glitch named Vanellope who used to be a arcade racer. But soon he finds out the Mr Candy aka Turbo erased the memory of her. She must race to become a racer again. Now I was really excited for this.  didn't expect it to be my favorite animated film this year. I waned either The Pirates! or ParaNorman to be but I did love ParaNorman and I thought The Pirates was good not great. But Wreck-It Ralph is my favorite animated film of 2012 (so-far). It's also my 3rd favorite fim this year. Now my biggest problem going in was the story. It is weak but here is is translated so well here it doesn't bug you that it's iffy (Mixed). Also the voice cast is also strong. You have John C. Reily as Wreck-It Ralph he's great. He plays Wreck-It Ralph so affectivly and emotionally great. He has deph and he doesn't lack what Disney characters do today. Also the animation is very colorful and cute. It feels like The Lorax or Toy Story. It isn't as great as Toy Story, But it's a tons better than The Lorax. The movie also has mixed dialogue. Sometimes it's very un-selfaware and childish. I know it's for little kids but it went a little crazy at times. It also has a few points were it drags with uninteresting conversations. But overall Wreck-It Ralph is fun and very cool to watch

Final Grade- A
Flight is the newest Denzel Washington drama directed by Robert Zeveckis and stars     + name above the plus! Now I was dieing to see Flight. It was my second most anticipated film of November. Right behind Silver Lining's Playbook. But Flight is for a fact a disappointing film it's still really good not great. The thing holding it down from being it great is it's runtime. I was never bored but it draged alot during the film. There were about 45 minutes or careless aspects that could have been cut out. Also the drinking scenes which was about 1 hour 55 Minutes of the film were very forced. I enjoyed the scences but they felt contrived. It also ended poorly. It leaves you asking questions about what happend. SPOILER: I know he goes to jail but I wanted to know what happend next. But the cinematography was fantastic. The plane scene was hands down Oscar worthy. Also the acting from everyone was great. Also besides Argo this should atleast get nominated for Best Direction. But Overall, Flight is very disappointing but still good.
Final Grade- B+
I saw Killing Them Softly at an early screeining. I thought it came off as a contrived and unsatisfying crime drama/thriller that had a cliche story/characters. But it had really good direction and acting. With some really cool scenes and cinematography. But it was familier and felt forced as a whole.
Final Grade- C+ (2.75/5)

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