Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taken 2 Written Review

I finally got a chance to see the new action movie with Liam Neeson Taken 2. Now before I saw this movie I had watched the 1st Taken the day before I saw Taken 2. I loved Taken. So I went it with medium expectations cause it had gotten really bad reviews from critics. But, Taken 2 came out October 5, I saw it last night and my showing for this movie was packed.
Taken 2 follows retired cop Brian Mills (Liam Neeson). In 2009 some people took his daughter (Maggie Grace) and he kicked ass and killed alot of these people. They want revenge so they take him and his wife. So it's up to his daughter to save them.
As I said I was really mixed about this cause of the bad reviews. But Liam Neeson is one of the best actors to date. I'm very glad to say, I had mindless fun with Taken 2. Now the thing holding it back from being as good as Taken is how it's written and directed. The first Taken had great directed action scenes. Here it's just mediocre. Also the first Taken had a great skript, funny lines, interesting dialogue. But Taken 2 doesn't. The skript is messey yet stupid.

Taken 2 also had cinematography flaws. It has shakey cam with is ok here. But what makes it hard is you can't tell who is hitting who. But you know cause Liam Neeson is always kicking ass. It also has a very inconsistent tone. It goes from a action movie to a slightly dark action thriller. It's kind of like Prometheushow you love it then hate it then love it then end of thinking it's ok except in Taken 2 it's a different aspect in which it's the very messey tone.

It also has some minor cliches involving characters. The vilian in this movie is very dumb. He isn't scary at ALL. He doesn't send anyone or doing anything that can scare you. Whoever play's him might be the blame cause he might not bring the charm or play the character like you usally would.

Liam Neeson owns Brian Mills just like Robert Downey Jr. owns Iron Man. No one could play Brian Mills like Liam Neeson. He has deph, affection, heart and he is believable as an action hero. He also just knows how to kick ass. I don't think there is one person in the world who could take down Neeson.
Maggie Grace also inproves on how she did in the first one. I mean in the firs Taken she overacted. All she did was cry or scream or be the typical kidnapped daughter. But here she plays the character with affection and deph. She is ok here.

Overall, Taken 2 isn't near as bad as critics say it is. It's mindless fun if you turn your brain off.
Final Grade- 6.5/10 (B)

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  1. I can see how people are not taken with this movie. However some cheap thoughts. It was amazing tradecraft for Maggie to throw granades to so her Dad could guide her. The stupidist move in the movie is when he leaves his wife, maybe hide her at least. I think if you have children this movie hits all the parental parinoia and dog whistles. I thought it was a good movie and look forward to three which is supposed to be even more terrible. All movies of this genre ex cia, special forces or hit man are fundementally the same. Liam Neeson elevates the Taken experience better than anyone currently killing twenty to thirty people an hour.
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