Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Elysium Trailer Review

Elysium is director Neill Blomkamp follow up to the 2009 hit alien invasion flick, Distrct 9. Elysium is the year 2154 and where most people are at Elysium, when Max (Matt Damon) who lives on Earth which is where "poor people" live, he must try to get to Elysium. Now being a huge fan of District 9 with even only seeing it once it came on TV, I've been wanting to see what director Blomkamp would do next. I heard a film called "Elysium" would be his follow up. So basically after seeing District 9 I said I trusted him into what he would do next. So I was desprate to see more footage for this film.

What I like most about the "Elysium" trailer is how it executes different worlds and beyond spectacularly. It's style of visuals and effects reminds me exactly of District 9. The feel, tone and visual spectacle. Even the picture for this trailer review I'm using reminds me of it. Anyways, it's visuals look cool yet very District 9 like. I can't tell if this has a $30 million budget like District 9 or not, I'll have to assume they're different. I assume w/ the visuals they have it's about say "Total Recall" 2012 budget b/c/ it looks more expensive. 

With who you do have involved this could be great along with Mr. Blomkamp directing it. I do admire the visuals, director and cast. But I honestly just couldn't love this trailer. It's badass with it's cool visuals and great cast/idea but I don't think it looks like a treat. Theres some scenes that honestly made me feel weird and didn't feel they needed to be there. Some scenes they showed of Earth made me feel strange, just I didn't think it was stylized or executed enough to be shown. I do admire Blomkamp for doing something new where he does 2 different worlds but honestly I don't like the feel as of now.

The hover crafts which might be stupid of me to talk about which are shown at 0:55 of the trailers that flew by above Matt Damon I gotta say kicked ass. I can't wait to see how they are used and how long they'll be shown. I do also want to mention the gadgets used in the trailers. They honestly reminded me a bit about Spy Kids 4 aka the Spy Kids shit pie. Even if that movie was terrible I think all the gadgets used were awesome. They bring back something from my childhood that makes me feel good.

The visuals and the costums are also something I'm excited to see. By the trailers thats what I'm most impressed by. It is an imaginitive spectacle with wildly awesome costums. It also reminds me of "Avatar" which I thought was an awesome movie. These people arn't CGI and they are not blue. But everything expensive wise like CGI/Visuals and costums look to be very cool. But they're was some uses of CGI that felt unbelievable. 1:35 - 1:36 in the trailer there is a car flipping over that looks unreal.

All in all, I'm still excited for this film since it's directed by the THE man who directed THE awesome film of 2009 District 9, and because the spectacle and the cast. Still solid trailer I just thought it could have been better.


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