Friday, April 19, 2013

42 Written Review

42 is of course the film about inspiring baseball star Jackie Robinson here played by Chadwick Boseman and the film follows him on a course of playing different teams and dealing with all the criticism for being a black man in white baseball.

Now expectations wise, I was really looking foward to this film, I don't LOVE sports films, although I thought "Moneyball" was a perfect film, I just don't love them. But still I was really really impressed by the trailers. Everyone from it's Oscar winning writer/director to it's great cast including Boseman and Ford.

42 perfectly amounces it's portraying of the legendary Robinson. Boseman helps that too, delivering both a sad and believable peformance. He shows effection and you honestly don't want him to crack. He does very well as Robinson. Ford is also great, he didn't do as much as I thought he would, although he still did a great job. Everyone else was also good, the lady who played his wife was great too even if she did barely anything.

The script has flaws, but for the most part it was solid. Some plot wholes done in the script I thought could have been done without. But it does balance everything solidly. The script has some very well done humor, all I'm gonna say: Shower, just hysterical. It's cinematography is also great, from Robinson and the others sliding and going to bases was very well shot.

Overall, great peformances, direction, and cinematography also a great score, I got exactly what I wanted, raw emotion and a very well potrayed time period. I honestly started tearing up.

Final Grade: 4/5

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