Friday, April 19, 2013

Oblivion Written Review

Before we start this review I wanted to say through out this weekend or even tonight, I'll have written reviews for 42 and Trance after this. So stay tuned. Anyways Oblivion is the director of Tron Legacy's newest film and it stars Tom Cruise, Ogla Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman and others. The film follows Jack (Tom Cruise)who is a man on earth which had been destroyed in an alien vs human war, even if the humans won during the war Earth was destroyed so everyone left. But when Cruise is captured and told the truth, he wants to leave Earth and get where everyone else who was on Earth.

Oblivion is visually stunning and very well acted by Cruise, but it honestly could have been better, still an awesome experiance and solid film, just could have been better. It's biggest problem is on it's pacing, script side. It has a very unbelievable script that is full of lines that could have been deleted. Everything romance wise in the film too, just very uneeded. It also has weak pacing, it's a little over 2 hours and feels longer.

Both Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman are great, both try and deliver. You feel for them too, they also have believable chemistry together. Everyone else was fine, but really Freeman and Cruise were the only ones that delivered something special. Kurylenko honestly annoyed me so so so much. She is just not a likeable actress in my opinion, and she wasn't believable.

One romance aspect moves it kind of without spoiling, but the whole "marriage" thing was totally forced and could have been left out. Overall, Oblivion has a great spectacle, an awesome peformance from Cruise and Freeman and some solid effects. I really liked it although, I wanted more.

Final Grade: 3.5/5

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