Saturday, April 6, 2013

Evil Dead (2013) Written Review

Horror classics are rare, alot of the newer horror films these days suck. Some good ones like Sinister. But most like Smiley, House at the End of the Street and Texas Chainsaw 3D all suck. So I wanted a good new horror film. The trailers did it for me, they convinced me, I loved all the trailers for the film. I was just excited coming from a person who only saw the second one.

Evil Dead is the very well crafted, thoughtful and entertaining film that I wanted. It balances it's horror very well, you get some different kind of scenes on and on that I think helped it. The only thing left out was the humor, which when they're is humor it didn't work that will. The humor is unconvincing and lazy. It's not thought or planned just provoking cause you think "Thats nothing like the humor in the original" which I didn't see but I heard it was hilarious.

The script honestly might be one of it's stronger aspects, it has tense dialogue delivered when something scary is about to happen and they give you a line of dialogue that convinces you and suprises you with what happens. Same with the sountrack, when something creepy is coming they have sound effects that play off perfectly.

The acting is just balh, Jane Levy as Mia was just ehh. She's not awful here but she was just not convincing. The people who play David, Eric and Olivia are even less convincing. Everyone I've talked to said that they like the people who play Eric and David. I gotta be honest, I don't see why at all. Just no...

Newcomer, Fede Alvarez did a phenomenal job directing the film. He knew how he wanted everything to be placed and delivered. Everything he wanted to balance except the films contrived comedy was very well done.

Each scare is also done well. QUICK SPOILER LEAVE NOW!!! OR JUST LOOK DOWN FOR MY GRADE! You have the tree rape from the original which I can't get out of my mind. NO MORE SPOILERS..

Overall, Evil Dead delivered on everything I wanted it too. Great and well done blood and really cool scares. Loved this one guys.

Final Grade: A-

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